Week # 10 Social Networks Sites

June 4, 2010

The current and advanced technology has brought great changes to the present world in various ways.  Most commonly are the social network sites that have greatly changed people’s interaction around the world. They have improved the way of communication between families, friends and even different people locally and internationally. Social network sites have especially created a great impact on the young people who are commonly known to access these sites. The sites provide a cheaper way of communication not to forget provision of privacy. They also place a positive impact on the society by allowing people to connect and interact. People are able to share a lot through these sites for instance sharing messages and photos which makes it even more interesting. The social network sites are known to be commonly used by the young people most of whom have attained an addiction to the same. However, this has also rapidly spread to the elder people and other individuals. Social networks have a unique feature such as allowing an individual to have a personal page with his or her information on it.

These sites allow interaction of people from different regions and even lead to their meeting for the first time. This therefore, creates another advantage of the sites towards international interaction. Through their meeting, people are exposed to the outside world and get to know more about the new regions. The sites have also seen interaction of colleagues and communication hence facilitating job- related tasks. Therefore, a personal reaction towards the social networks sites is positive. This is because the sites provide positive impacts on individuals using them all over the world. As far as prediction over the future of the social networks is concerned, there is a great possibility that their use will rapidly spread to many areas. With the rapid technological growth, it is very possible that in the coming years, social networks will have spread to most of the remote areas of the world.


Week #10 “Does the internet bring people closer or further apart?”

June 4, 2010


       Since the end of the last century, the internet is the future of technology and human communications. It is universally perceived as a world of endless possibilities as it reduces the world itself into a single network that erodes cultural, national, ethnic, and linguistic boundaries. It facilitates the communication of important ideas and issues across different parts of the world, and hence it represents a major democratic tool as it reinforces people’s freedom of speech and their ability to shape the future of their respective countries. The internet is based on speed and convenience as people can communicate with each other in a matter of seconds by clicking on a button. The internet represents the pinnacle of modern technology as it allows a wide and diverse world to be a “global village,” which implies that all people who use the internet form a worldwide community that shares the same needs. It enables people to build a network of friends on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, which also allows users to join groups that share similar interests. Social networking sites allow people to meet new people in order to showcase their talents. The predominance of the internet reflects important changes in society (overpopulation, too many work hours, no time for social life), which affects human relationships and makes technology’s benefits necessary.

     Everyday life often prevents people from communicating due to the hectic nature of work, and hence the internet is an easy and accessible tool for maintaining the communicative warmth of relationships through technology. Facebook allows people to voice their concerns as a means of letting people know about major events or issues. People build a network of friends based on the interests they share: “Participants may use the sites to interact with people they already know offline or meet new people” (Ellison 1143). It enables users to come together for a common cause by showing their support. The internet’s largest search engine, Google, allows users to find any kind of information in a matter of seconds, and hence going to the library or bookstore is less convenient. In a world in which there is not enough time, the internet creates time for everyone. People’s different needs can be satisfied by using the internet as online shopping often allows people to save money on products.

     Many people turn to online dating as they realize that the nature of everyday life restricts one’s leisure time, and the internet provides more freedom to find love and friendships. People view online dating as a major convenience as they can find people that share the same personality traits and interests: “In the last decate, searching for romantic partners via internet dating sites has become a visible and common strategy for mate selection” (Morgan 3). The internet has proven to have many social benefits as people who be socially detached find social network as a means of maintaining a connection with society and the world. Online dating applies to virtually any part of the world, and hence a person can find a mate by finding one’s geographical location on that dating site (which ultimately provides a list of potential mates from the same location) . It is important to note that the internet often protects users from a violation of their privacy. Most people feel secure when using the internet as websites protect users’ private information. People can preserve their privacy while using the internet as they can remain anonymous. The internet contributes to a better economy as it allows people to sell or buy products at their own convenience, and thus the economy becomes more robust due to people’s regular desire to accomodate their personal and financial needs.

Week 9 Happiness…

May 28, 2010

The experiment of finding happiness offline, I went out before my girlfriend left, we went to Getty center ; art museum at the beautiful place. It was very nice to walk around and see the artistic stuff, we watched the movie “Iron man2” after the museum. We also went to the nice and expensive restaurant for dinner. Actually it was special date before she left back to her place. However, it was very nice day, absolutely better than sitting and staying at home all day long, someone who has friend to be together makes better life. Dating is best way to live without internet, I guess. For the seeking the happiness online is always think up with online games, which is easy to enjoy with people without awkward silence. I love to try new games with people or by myself, when the new game has new systems that have better quality and giving me more happiness from seeing through my eyes. The difference between offline and online is deciding by activity that I have, I love happiness from both of ways, because those are same as tough to be happy everyday and forever and same value of happiness in my opinion. Best answer is deciding by own self, and I think the offline is better for seeing people or develop the relationship with others than online. If one of them is not leaning toward to one side too much, these combination is the best environment compares to any of systems from history.

After completed the reading the article “Happiness and the Internet”, it tells the internet has bunch of possibilities to help to create more relationships in modern society. Actually it includes everything from the real world, have conversations about sharing ideas, opinions, any issues, skills, etc… Also, it opens new ways of business as like a “Second Life”, or someone else who sells cloths in cyber world. However, it is a great gift for modern world and the internet is best thing for our communications behinds busy global society. According to the articles or history, those are telling that every time period has been developed and discovered for us, when we have more responsibility of living in cyber world, then it will be possible to create the cyber paradise someday; I hope it shows up before I see my grandfather again. Anyways, next topic will be ‘what is real human morality in 2050’ in the future.

Week 8 Online dating~?

May 21, 2010

Wow…it took too much time to complete profile…anyways,..it was interesting about they asking many useful personal information to make better match. While I was typing my information by the questions or choosing by clicking them, it brought me into imagining best result of meeting best girl. I start to look up some of profiles of girls with expectation, I found one girl only, and she was looking for someone who is funny or can have fun. As i mentioned the information they using are very useful to know about her before giving a touch, then I could use some of her profiles to back up our date; such as research her hobbies to think about topic I will use for conversation with her. ChristineLO18 likes movie and games, also likes nightclub and hiking, mostly I liked about her is she wants same thing I want; someone to have fun with and her smiles.

New way of meeting partners on the webs, online dating has been popularized with face to face talk chatting, especially it was great for communication than any other telecommunicator.

Online dating has been using easy and fast system for singles to find other singles, I experienced online dating when I was bored, and it was very interesting conversation with some of girls. Actually, I met her with her friends and I was with my friends too, we had good time and some of my friend got married( false ), happy memory of mine. It is much easier to get closer than chatting with gestures and smiles. As the author mentions that online dating will help singles to have more conversations and increase number of couples in the world.


Week 7 Networking privacy

May 14, 2010

This week the experiment, I stalked George Martinez, he was born on Dec 13, 1989, his hometown is Watsonville in California. Frist thing that I was interesting about was the sentence which is his favorite quotation, it shows me how he think about own life in this world, and guess he likes to traveling with taking photos. He looks very good student who want to learn and see the things at the museum, beside I love to hang around with my friend in the place where many people with noises such as club or party has, but he enjoys culture and sightseeing of street. Compare to my facebook, there is nothing for now, but George has simple but showing what he likes about on his facebook. While seeking some information from his facebook, I felt like want to be his friend.

In the present world, best weapon is information; most of people get stressed by bunch of information that they receive every day. But we still want more information, and accoding to the article, it shows how the information causes problems. Especially, personal information which should be private or should be using for relatives to be get closer. First time to joined facebook for the class, it automatically found some of my friend to add, and It was surprise me. It is simple system that search people by the information of email address. If someone who does computer work real good, then he is the king who has information about others, anytime anywhere he can get more information for something bad or not. Privacy is most important thing in the freedom we have, and the respect of others. When I was using personal homepage to make more friends, it was easy to have more friends but I had some trouble which was one of friend sees some memos on the wall which was secret or didn’t want to share with others, it occurred from the small misunderstanding, and It broke the couple of friendship. Hmm…problems from the real conversation, it will be forget in someday, but the information in the web, it will be staying forever until the writer erase them. I guess our privacy is handling by own responsibility with including moral choices.

week6 Bridging social capital

May 7, 2010

Using internet to have communication with relative is basic reason of starting using internet, I haven’t finished the experiment, but I have some experience with interviewing my friends who loves to spending time in community site. Simple questions are answering by people in short time, and some of people are seeking the questions to reply the answers to feel satisfaction or worth living. People use internet for own reasons, according to the article, as it shows different reasons of people are using face book by survey, internet is not simple thing for now and later, it is biggest community world in our history.

That is the world we created and living with, freedom of seeing what we want to see and getting enough information to make right decision. I agreed that it will not possible to live internet in the future when Erick asks in last class; “can we live with internet in the future?” I feel more freedom when I’m using internet, I said. Because I choose to use internet to make my life better and better to know where I live, it is very useful to see more things in the world, and internet is new society world in limited landscape. When the population goes up more and more, technology will support us for sure, how? Giving a large place for people to have some fun?; cyber world, I guess. So, if we using internet in the future, internet will be a thing which is necessary of life, also the computer life cause many issues in the present and it will take more position of our society; fast and easiest way to have relation with others.  Oh, then, NASA must work harder to bring new world (To the new planet?)

It was good time to think about using internet and know about face book in huge scale.

week 5 not using internet??

May 7, 2010

Hmm…honestly, I failed this experiment…to not use internet…I usually weak up and turn on the computer right away…then take shower

Ok, I just turn my computer on,

After an hour passed,..

I clicked the explore icon to open it, but I closed it before it appears..It was so painful…bored to die…it was hard to hold my finger to not be clicked.I clicked it and I enjoyed news…downloads…games…I tried couple of days in last week..Longest time that I hold Mr. Right-finger was 5-6 hours when I went outside. This experiment shows my lifestyle which is living with computer. I thought it is simple experiment to do, but I failed it because of my life patterns. Since I have experience of using fast internet or cable lines, using internet has changed into most useful item in the world, fast searching systems are always help me to find out good information, also many issues which are very fun and interesting.

I found out that I got used to living with computer, so I can’t stop using it at least computer disappears.  When I was in the army for 2 years, I couldn’t use internet by rules in the army, but it wasn’t that hard to not use internet, because the life style or patterns were scheduled to do some body works, not thinking or staying in the building. It is possible to not use internet when my body moves.

According to what the author says about the T.V, it is possible to control people and can be messed up own lives. Most of things around the world which are useful for us, if we use them too much then we will get use to live with it. As like Huxleyan waring that media is possible to cause serious problem in the life, those concerns are better things to know while we using them as necessaries of life. Personally when I was reading the article, concerns that the author mentioned was too much of worries, but it is very helpful to realize what the media is, it is for us and it created by our interests. The present media systems are too general and it is not possible to block whole people in the country. It is power of media, if we realize why we need media in our life, the author’s worries will never happen.

This experiment was boring but so peaceful when I gave up( sorry;;) and it was good time to think about the internet and media.

Blog conversation..

May 7, 2010


sorry about late posting..;;

this site is community site for people want to share soem information of 350z. i have posted in the forum to find some information before,  i asked about the location of store to fix body kit., and someone replied so fast to find good enough information.

Cyber city is open world for people, which is brand new but taking more places in our society. While it has involved into new community world, some of serious problems occur too. As the author mentions truth or accurate of words that posted on the web, exploring personal issues, many issues harmed some of people. We know what risk we have, but sometime we forget about responsibility of own behaves. I guess that is the reason why some people want to invite relatives only, as the systems get better and upgrade with supporting users, most of problems that he mentioned will be gone.

I love to play with computer, and I love to talk to people with eye contact, If we have visual system as like a video cam, when we see person’s complete body while having conversation, we will be asking for skin ship. Online or offline is not matter to have relationship, I guess we accept the cyber world as new world is required for virtual community.

Week#2 Brave New World of Digital Intimacy

April 22, 2010

Blogs and homepages are new type of diary which has more reality and useful information to find out what the person do in present. As the article mentions about the problems of spending time to checking the other’s lives and I just understand the new system of Facebook, which is automatically uploading issues of relatives. But personal information has not secured and it caused side effects again. In my experience, there was issue of tracking visitor system in Korea community site(cyworld) about few years ago, reason of tracking system was for people who want to find out visitors who visit own homepage; to find who has attacked the blog or hoping the visitor might be ex-girlfriend..etc..i guess that is too much, and one of my girl who I treat her as my sister, she stays online in Facebook 24/7 I guess, she enjoyed Facebook to make more friends and have conversation with people. But I guess she is not trying to find more friends, because she has enough people to talk, and it made her to stay online 24/7 to manage own relationships.

 Sometimes she gets trouble, for example her friends had fight because one of guy read something from the other’s blog and told others without knowing the whole story. However the fight occurred from the website, the fight finished real relationship so fast by clicking “block” so simply. When reader possible to find something about person, they should refer to understand the person’s thought, not judging. The community sites have short history yet, I guess we are trying to build new rules for new society. The words that I wrote on the blogs are staying forever until someone erases it or my self. I guess there will be tutorial systems before create new ID, and it will also tell people to have responsibility of writing own words.

I have not much of experience with community sites in USA, but it happens same problems and same goods compares to Korean community sites, man…I should jump in to have more experience in new community soon as possible.  Because it sounds like a new generation of human society.

week #1Time’s Person of the Year: You (ME?)

April 22, 2010

Yes~I finally found how to post other writings hahaha….-_-;;

And when I reading the article, I realized the date of present…it’s been 4years from 2006 already..wow…so fast..

For people who are not familiar with computer things, it is not ok to make some time to chat after work, but we do. It looks poor when someone suggests having chat with someone especially when I’m busy and tired. But people live in own thought or called self mind control? , it actually helps people to have reduce stresses and it brings charging the energy for body. I agree with Websites for community service are chance to know new things, not from the book, from the talk. Many services are chosen to be develop by people, I mean us. I guess the cyber community systems are very useful to make the global world as real one.